Vegan Death Cult


This fucking guy. Every single one of them.

This blog exists to address the dietary dogma that is known as veganism.

There was a time when I supposed that perhaps I could peacefully coexist in the world with vegans, supposing that I could simply live my own spice laden, heavily Weston A. Price influenced lifestyle while they could live their own cultish, health destroying broscience religion and everything would be fine.

It’s not gonna be fine.

Vegans, I have learned, are not happy unless their ideology takes over the whole earth. Therefore, active opposition is necessary, especially considering how eager the modern Homer Simpson is to believe anything somebody claims is scientific fact.

I first learned how bullshitty a nutritional theory could be when I skimmed that shitty blood type diet book that got popular for a while.

I read that stupid blood type diet book and noted a conspicuous absence of evidence for their fundamental assertion,  which is that small peptides from food enter the blood stream and become antigenic. I remember finding a specific point in that book where the author went straight from explaining their shitty theory and then skipped straight past all proof into the “how to do the diet” portion.

As for why I hate vegans, there are many reasons but the main one is that their bullshit got me. When I was young and impressionable and believed that every “Proven By Science!” claim was legitimate, I drank the vegan Koolaid and kept at it diligently for 9 fucking years.

I wondered one day why my teeth were rotting despite such an allegedly good diet and such diligent brushing, and ended up learning that vegans are wrong about absolutely everything and that I’d had the wool pulled over my eyes. I have since repaired every element of my health, from the bad teeth to the crippling scrawniness and weakness I’d assumed were my natural state using exceedingly non vegan methods (inb4 ‘you did it wrong,’ why’s it so hard to get right if it’s so natural that we evolved to do it?)

I’m currently in medical school, and one thing I’m strongly considering is a career in pathology as in addition to other appeal it would give me enough insight into the workings of the human body in sickness and health that I could kick the shit or of any vegan moron parroting the dietary fat/heart health hypothesis as if nobody ever heard of it before.

Someday I may actually write a book on why vegan nutritional theory is 100% bullshit, top to bottom and surface to core.

A few things to think about for our vegan comrades – and by ‘comrades’ of course I mean evil scumbag cultist genetically inferior subhuman animals:

If man were meant to be vegan, why do no vegan societies exist? If it is our natural mode of nutrition, why aren’t vegan societies the default and mixed diet societies the rare aberration, like cannibal societies? Secondly, wouldn’t that diet being healthier and more sustainable mean a vegan society should be able to outgrow a non vegan society, producing more perfectly healthy humans per resource? Shouldn’t that give them a competitive advantage that should predict that we should be bowing before the might of incalculable hordes of vegan armies, instead of the Han Chinese, who are very much not vegan?

If man were meant to be vegan and even allegedly took a vegan evolutionary path, wouldn’t we expect that all primitive cultures would’ve been found practicing veganism when we found them? Wouldn’t the Indians have been found eating lentils instead of deer, bison and fish since they were less culturally removed from man’s original ecological role? Wouldn’t the Eskimos have been eating lichen with the reindeer instead of eating pure carnivorous diets of fish, seal and polar bear? Further, if man allegedly has vegan simian roots (a hilarious assertion since to my knowledge all apes eat insects and hunt small mammals), why do we conspicuously lack the long, alkaline digestive tract of an herbivore that ferments cellulose into more useful resources like fats and protein (via nitrogen fixation)? Why do we lack all the biomachinery to digest what we wet tree allegedly evolved to eat?  Why do we instead have enzymes elastase and collagenase in our mouths to break down animal connective tissues before they enter our short, acidic GIT? Why is an insatiable craving for animal food sources (1,2 )such a regular and insurmountable problem for people doing as nature intended?

Because veganism is evil cult bullshit with no basis in reality, and all vegan gurus should be publicly executed.

1 –

2 –


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