User DarcySky asks,
“I’ve been a vegetarian for about a year and a half and I have a really awkward question. I’ve been having diarrhea since I switched to an entirely vegetarian diet and I just assumed that after my body adjusted to my new diet it would go away but it hasn’t. Has anyone else had similar problems? Does anyone know of any solutions?”

Well it’s funny you should ask, Darcy, because I was just thinking about dietary fiber today and I had some thoughts to share.

You always hear this silly notion that veganism is superior due to fiber content. The vegan animal really doesn’t seem to understand anything but fat, maaaaybe saturated fat, fiber and various moral platitudes infused with ideologically slanted and grossly simplified concepts of ecology.

Stop and look at how an ungulate handles fiber. It loads it into a long basic GIT that really resembles our large intestine from esophagus to anus, complete with microflora. The microflora digest fiber and use it to create proteins, fats and vitamins. If an herbivore gets too much fiber, it can sometimes develop compaction and die.

How do humans handle fiber?

By getting diarrhea.

Dietary fiber draws water, siphoning it out of the vasculature that supplies and drains our intestines. By other means, it actually inflames our intestines. One way it does this is via mechanical damage,  abrasion.  This inflammation causes the body to try to rid itself of the source of damage – in this case by stimulating intestinal contraction and secretion of fluids.  Loss of fluids is a pretty big deal to your body, one of the main areas of homeostasis. If you lose a relatively small percentage of the water in your body, you will die.

In other words, what your body is trying to tell you is that it would literally rather attempt the slow suicide of dehydration than attempt to habituate to the abuse a vegan diet inherently constitutes.


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