We are all killers.


veganism exists based on two premises – the first, that their silly idea is healthier,and the secondary idea that it’s because they don’t want to kill.

Nobody wants to kill, but we all do, especially you vegan assholes. You just don’t notice it because you can’t see it, just like how uppity morons driving electric cars think we diesel truck pilots are killing the world while they are immune from critique because their car uses electricity, which obviously grows on trees and requires no pollution to produce, just as electric car parts also do not require mined resources or polluting manufacture methods, unlike fossil fuel powered vehicles.

They are idiots.

That’s why they think their precious holy GMO farming that’s saving the world doesn’t come into being by clear cutting forests, shooting all the animals that used to live there or simply driving them out of their habitat and letting them starve, sterilizing the ground and growing GMO monocrop until the end of time.

Remember all the Greenpeace types crying like bitches that people were slashing and burning the rainforest? What in the fuck do they think they were cutting it down for, firewood?

No, to make room for more Monsanto fields to grow more vegan food.

Do you know how many small animals die every year by getting mangled in the blades of some industrial harvesting device, via poisons designed to kill them list they eat the crops, by being shot to keep the crops safe?

You vegan turds don’t understand – for add much blood is on your hands already you might as well just eat a damn burger and be done with it.


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