We are all killers.


veganism exists based on two premises – the first, that their silly idea is healthier,and the secondary idea that it’s because they don’t want to kill.

Nobody wants to kill, but we all do, especially you vegan assholes. You just don’t notice it because you can’t see it, just like how uppity morons driving electric cars think we diesel truck pilots are killing the world while they are immune from critique because their car uses electricity, which obviously grows on trees and requires no pollution to produce, just as electric car parts also do not require mined resources or polluting manufacture methods, unlike fossil fuel powered vehicles. Continue reading





User DarcySky asks,
“I’ve been a vegetarian for about a year and a half and I have a really awkward question. I’ve been having diarrhea since I switched to an entirely vegetarian diet and I just assumed that after my body adjusted to my new diet it would go away but it hasn’t. Has anyone else had similar problems? Does anyone know of any solutions?”

Well it’s funny you should ask, Darcy, because I was just thinking about dietary fiber today and I had some thoughts to share.

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Vegan Death Cult


This fucking guy. Every single one of them.

This blog exists to address the dietary dogma that is known as veganism.

There was a time when I supposed that perhaps I could peacefully coexist in the world with vegans, supposing that I could simply live my own spice laden, heavily Weston A. Price influenced lifestyle while they could live their own cultish, health destroying broscience religion and everything would be fine.

It’s not gonna be fine. Continue reading